Sarah Ferguson shares her thoughts on Climate Change for World Environment Day

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Sarah Ferguson has taken to Instagram to share her thoughts about Climate Change. In honor of World Environment Day, the former Duchess of York has opened up about the fact that something must be done about what she sees as the "current climate emergency."

In her Instagram post, Ferguson can be seen looking pensive in a white suit jacket as she stood next to a floral display. It was an image that didn't quite fit with the overall message being expressed, and yet it definitely worked to draw the eye.

But what did she have to say about Climate Change and her own commitment to making a difference? In her post, Sarah Ferguson expressed her concerns about climate change by saying, "We need to get serious about reducing emissions all over the world. I am determined to use whatever voice I have to speak up for our planet."

Sarah Ferguson is talking about Climate Change on her Instagram

This is not the first time that the former Duchess has opened up about climate change, as she also did an opinion piece in April of this year where she talked about how being a grandmother has made her more aware of what is happening in the world. According to Geo News, in that piece which was published by the Telegraph, Ferguson said that she felt as if the planet was close to hitting a point where it would not be salvageable. And she also made it clear that now is the time for people to act.

Considering the fact that Sarah Ferguson actually grew up on a farm, it would make sense for her to have a strong connection with the environment. And on World Environment Day, it seems fitting for her to use her voice to speak up in an effort to make a change where she can.