Reports indicate Princess Catherine has been seen in public, but there don't seem to be any images of it

The British Royal Family Attend The Christmas Morning Service
The British Royal Family Attend The Christmas Morning Service / Samir Hussein/GettyImages

It has been a difficult year for the royal family and with a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the family and in particular the Prince and Princess of Wales, it makes sense that people are curious about what is happening with Princess Catherine. Since it was announced that the princess was treating cancer, social media has been buzzing with opinions on what might really be happening with the royal family.

However, the biggest question floating around social media has been where is Princess Catherine. While both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have said that they would only offer updates as anything new happened, the fact that the princess has apparently not been seen in public at all in 2024 has been a cause for concern for many. And with plenty of news reports about when the Princess of Wales will return to work or what is "really" wrong with her, it makes sense that people would be worried.

So when news broke on May 28 that the Princess of Wales had been seen in public, it definitely had people talking. According to US Weekly, "the recuperating royal recently has been spotted in public with her children, a source told Us Weekly exclusively. Kate, 42, shares three kids — Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6 — with husband Prince William." Not only that, but these reports also indicate that she "has been seen out and about more with her family in recent weeks."

Perhaps the biggest issue with these reports is that there is no video or photographic evidence of this. And while we want the princess to have the privacy she has asked for, the fact that there seems to be no images of Princess Catherine in public has left social media questioning the truth of these new reports of her public activities.

Will we get video or photographic proof of Princess Catherine going out in public?

As some on social media have pointed out, in a digital age where nothing is private, it is surprising to see no proof of Princess Catherine being spotted in public. Even a picture from a distance, which could be confirmed as the princess would go a long way to stopping the rumors and speculation.

Whether or not the Princess of Wales has been getting out more, even a single, current photo would likely stop the vast majority of the rumors that have been shared to social media since January/February of this year. It would also be a way to show fans of the royal that she is on the mend and potentially feeling better.

While we understand that the princess has asked for privacy at this time, she is still a very public figure and with the amount of rumors circulating, it just seems wise to find a way to try and stem the tide of negativity.

We really do hope that the princess is doing well and finding time to get back out into the world. But we also wouldn't be upset if there was some proof of this happening and not just "sources" saying it is so.

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