Princess Eugenie thanks mom for how she dealt with her childhood scoliosis

Royal Ascot 2024 - Wednesday
Royal Ascot 2024 - Wednesday / Samir Hussein/GettyImages

On June 29, Princess Eugenie took to Instagram to share a special message of thanks for her mother, Sarah Ferguson. The message was in relation to the princess’ battle with scoliosis from childhood.

Anyone who follows the royal family will likely already know that as a child, Princess Eugenie had corrective surgery in order to fix the curvature of her spine. In fact, June 26 is International Scoliosis Awareness Day, and it is a day when the princess will often raise awareness for the condition. This year, she took to social media to share photos of herself in her wedding dress, showing off the scar from her surgery.

Since her post for International Scoliosis Awareness Day, it seems that she has had a number of people reach out to her, including a mother who said that she wished that young girls “could get tested before their growth spurt,” in an effort to prevent the larger curving of the spine that occurs following that first growth spurt. And this led to her thanking her own mother for her efforts to help her get the treatment she needed as a child.

In this post of gratitude for Sarah Ferguson, Princess Eugenie shared that, “my mum caught my scoliosis early and I was lucky enough to get the help I needed at 12 years old. I thank her so much for that and also thank her for the confidence to be proud of my scar. She removed all the stigma around having scoliosis for me by confidently showing people what I’ve been through.”

And of course, Ferguson responded to the post with her own message in her Instagram Stories where she praised her daughter. Sarah Ferguson shared the post from her daughter, and then added the message, “I am so touched by the loving message from my daughter .. to show her scar is the brave badge of courage and inspires young people to own their scars of life’s journey.”

Honestly, both of these women have done so much in their efforts to raise awareness for any number of causes. And in this case, it is a cause that is obviously quite close to them since it is a condition that the Princess herself had to contend with.

We love when members of the royal family use their platform for a good cause and really own their support. And we are certainly fans of Princess Eugenie and what she has done to shine a light on scoliosis.

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