Princess Eugenie shares that people tell her she looks better in person

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As a member of the royal family, Princess Eugenie has lived a life of scrutiny. And yet, unlike her cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, she has a lot more freedom as well.

In 2018, the granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II actually started her own Instagram account. And apparently, she is also the person running the account, meaning that every single thing we see on the princess' social media is actually from her. They are her images and her words being shared.

According to People Magazine, during a recent podcast appearance on White Wine Question Time, Princess Eugenie opened up about not only her social media, but also what she has heard from people about her appearance.

Princess Eugenie talks about her personal Instagram account and what people say about her looks in recent Podcast appearance

In regards to her Instagram account, the princess shared that, "I do my own Instagram and I find it the most stressful thing in the world...I get so nervous. Before I post I have to text about 5 people asking if it’s okay, have I got a spelling mistake, am I gonna get in trouble?"

Honestly, considering that she is a member of the royal family, it does make sense that her relationship to social media would be stressful. She has to be careful of everything she says and what she posts, while also trying to showcase who she is as an individual.

On top of talking about her Instagram account, Princess Eugenie also mentioned that she receives comments about what she looks like from people. She shared that when pictures come out of her, they can sometimes be highly unflattering. And this has lead people to come up to her and tell her, "Oh you’re much better looking in real life."

It has to be weird to have someone say that to you. And she even says on the podcast that she is not sure whether or not that is meant to be a compliment. We wouldn't know how to take that type of comment as well, as it certainly sounds like more of a backhanded compliment, rather than something nice someone is saying.

There have been plenty of images that have been released of Princess Eugenie over the years, and even in action shots where it is hard to look your best, we can tell that she is a pretty woman who also happens to be a royal.

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