Princess Diana car exit hack goes viral on TikTok

Princess Diana Retrospective
Princess Diana Retrospective / Anwar Hussein/GettyImages

Princess Diana is an iconic figure and someone who has inspired so many people. And while she may have died over two decades ago, she is still someone who has the kind of staying power that allows her to trend on TikTok.

That's right, Princess Diana is trending on TikTok as an example of how to get out of a car and it is something that is hard to ignore. According to In the Know for Yahoo News, an etiquette expert has gone viral on TikTok by sharing a Princess Diana hack for how to gracefully get out of a car.

In fact, this video has garnered over 19.7 million views and has been commented on over 600 times. Basically, it is TikTok gold for the woman who posts under the handle of @katarina.etiquette.

Etiquette instructor goes viral on TikTok by sharing this Princess Diana car exit hack

While we may never have to worry about being photographed by the media when getting out of a car, that doesn't mean this trick to getting out of a car gracefully can't be of some help to people.

One of the tricks for exiting a vehicle that the princess had was to, "to always cover her cleavage with her clutch when exiting a car. This way she didn’t give the paparazzi anything to ‘spy on’ while maintaining an elegant posture."

It's a hack that had people chatting in the comments, especially women talking about how simple yet smart it was for anyone dressing up and not wanting to reveal too much as they get out of a car. (You can view the TikTok video here.)

Of course, this is not the first time a royal trick was shared to TikTok and went viral. Another video featuring a Princess Diana hack that has proven popular includes a video of her walking backwards after getting out of a car in an effort to prevent photographers from getting too many clear photos of her. And even beyond Princess Diana, there have also been hacks from Duchess Meghan and Princess Catherine that have also gone viral as little tricks that are about both comfort and looking one's best.

We are never surprised when a Princess Diana story goes viral and since this one revolves around etiquette, it just makes sense that people would be fascintated by the video and the hack itself.

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