Princess Beatrice reveals her daughter Sienna's favorite hobby

Gabriela Peacock Celebrates the Success of her Best-Selling Book & the Relaunch of her Longevity
Gabriela Peacock Celebrates the Success of her Best-Selling Book & the Relaunch of her Longevity / Dave Benett/GettyImages

When it comes to members of the royal family, there are some hobbies that we automatically associated with them. And this includes the youngest members of the family. From polo to rugby and even cricket, there are some obvious hobbies that we have learned about in relation to different members of the royal family, especially the children. Of course, the ladies of the royal family have different hobbies that they enjoy. And it turns out that Princess Beatrice's daughter has a favorite hobby that she shares with her cousin, Princess Charlotte.

According to Hello Magazine, Princess Beatrice was attending a party at London's Broadwick Hotel this week for the relaunch of Gabriela Peacock's Longevity line, alongside her husband,Edo Mapelli Mozzi. The party was also a chance to celebrate Peacock's book, 2 Weeks to a Younger You.

While at this party, Princess Beatrice shared some insight into her two year old daughter's favorite hobby. It was also a bit of a look at what life is like for the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

"I’m busy with my job and running around after a two-year-old who keeps me on my toes. By the way, Sienna loves ballet!"

Princess Beatrice

It is quite clear that Princess Beatrice is rather proud of her daughter's love of ballet. And at the same time, we can't help but appreciate the fact that the princess is a hardworking mother who understands the challenges that come with juggling being a mom and a business woman. Considering the princess is a vice president for the tech firm Afiniti, it makes sense that she is always on the go and busy, and that doesn't even take into account her royal patronages.

We love learning more about Princess Beatrice and her family. And we love that she has shared Sienna's love for ballet. In the past, Princess Catherine has talked about Princess Charlotte's own love of ballet, which is a reminder that these cousins have something in common beyond their family bonds.

Here's hoping that as Sienna gets older, she continues to love ballet and gets to enjoy her favorite hobby, even if that is just channeling Princess Charlotte and dancing around the family home in costumes and tutus.

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