Princess Anne seems to be shaking things up with her fashion choices

The Not Forgotten Association Annual Garden Party 2024
The Not Forgotten Association Annual Garden Party 2024 / WPA Pool/GettyImages

Princess Anne has long been one of the hardest working royals in the British royal family. She makes numerous appearances every year on behalf of the crown, and whether she was supporting her mother, or working to support her brother, she is always where the royal family needs her to be.

And when it comes to her fashion choices, Princess Anne has often been about the classic looks. She has her staple wardrobe pieces that she often turns to, and they work for her. But recently, it seems like the Princess Royal is stepping outside of her normal fashion choices, and opting for some new pieces.

As Hello Magazine points out, recently Princess Anne has been switching things up with her wardrobe by adding in “white flares and blue denim jeans.” And that’s not all, as she was seen at Bramham International Horse Trials in West Yorkshire wearing what can only be described as statement trousers. The trousers in question were another pair of flared pants, this time in a black and brown plaid print, which the Princess Royal paired with a layered look on top featuring a polo shirt, scarf, and coat.

Princess Anne’s recent fashion choices have definitely gotten many talking as she is “known for her love of slim-fit, cigarette-style trousers and colour coordinated two-pieces.” We have to say that her typical choices are quite different, which is why the flared pants and denim jeans have caused people to talk. These are not her usual fashion go-tos, but we are loving them on her.

And considering Princess Anne always seems to be in outfits that are easily deemed to be business casual at the very least, it makes sense that her denim choice would have people talking since it was a much more cozy vibe coming from the Princess Royal.

Honestly, we love getting the chance to see how different members of the royal family are changing things up with their wardrobe. But we are very excited to see what Princess Anne will wears next. After all, it’s clear that she’s giving her wardrobe a bit of a refresh and we are here for it.

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