Prince William revealed the surprise pet that he has to look after since the kids “forget”

The Prince Of Wales Visits The West Midlands
The Prince Of Wales Visits The West Midlands / WPA Pool/GettyImages

Have you ever wondered what pets the royal family has? We all know that the late Queen was an avid Corgi lover and owned more than 30 over the course of her life. And of course, she is not the only royal to have a pet.

We already know that King Charles and Queen Camilla have dogs. And we also know that Prince William and Princess Catherine have pets, including at least one dog. But what other pets do the Prince and Princess of Wales have? Well it turns out that they actually have a very surprising small pet.

According to Hello Magazine, on April 25 Prince William visited Woodgate Valley Urban Farm in Birmingham, where he got a chance to spend time with some of the animals and people who both volunteer at and also utilize the facility. This is a facility that helps young people “struggling to access education and those experiencing mental health challenges.“ And while visiting with a child who apparently uses the facility, the prince joined the young person in grooming a pair of guinea pigs.

Prince William, Prince of Wales
The Prince Of Wales Visits The West Midlands / WPA Pool/GettyImages

This cute moment of animal grooming led to the Prince revealing that his family actually has some guinea pigs as pets at home. And that’s not all, as he also shared a fun fact about himself that we were not expecting.

"I spend my life cleaning out the guinea pig cage because the children forget to do it. The ones we’ve got at home, they’re off. You have to keep them constantly stroked and looked after."

Prince William

It turns out that being a royal means nothing when you are also a parent with young children who also have pets. This means that you are also in charge of taking care of those pets, including doing the clean up of a guinea pig cage.

These are the kinds of reveals that remind us that even members of the royal family can be like us. And we are here for it.

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