Prince Louis shares a power play tip with the England National Football Team

Prince William relays his youngest child's strategy for a winning game.
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With the Paris Olympics still a month and a half off, sports fans have another reason to be glued to their televisions or other streaming devices. The 2024 European Football Championship is fast approaching, with the spectacle kicking off on June 14, 2024. England is scheduled to play its first match against Serbia on the third day of competition, June 16.

Football fans in each nation wish their national teams well and Prince William recently brought his encouragement directly to the team and its staff in St. George's Park. Since he is the president of The Football Association, William is invested n the good spirits of the players. According to Us magazine, the Prince of Wales consulted younger fans on what message he should bring to the athletes. Prince Louis' advice is definitely that of someone enjoying an active childhood:

"The best bit of advice I got was to eat twice the amount you would normally eat. And now I have visions of all of you running around with massive tummies and getting stitches on the pitch...I think take my youngest's advice with a pinch of salt."

Prince William

The team reportedly took it with good humor, with team captain Harry Kane deferring to the wisdom of the team's nutritionist over that of a very well-meaning six-year-old. It is true that the family follows the sport, with Prince George having attended the English FA Cup Final in May.

Thoughts of carb-loading aside, Louis' father had more words of wisdom to share:

"I just really want you guys to know how much it means to everyone back here, that you go out there, you give it your all, you play for the shirt, play for each other, play for the country, because everyone's behind you...We really care about what you're going to do."

Prince William

England is looking forward to cheering their team on in Euro24 and one hopes that the players take Louis' advice and have a good breakfast before they play.

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