Prince Harry surprised theater goers in Chula Vista, California attending an early screening of Heart of Invictus

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On August 28, Prince Harry surprised audience members of a theater in Chula Vista, California prior to a pre-screening of the first two episodes of the Heart of Invictus. The docuseries, which began streaming in full on Netflix as of August 30, was doing a special screening for guests which included United Service Organizations (USO) invitees.

And yes, it was clearly a surprise for the people in the audience, especially based on not only the social media reaction, but also the posts from those who were in attendance.

In videos and posts shared by the surprised audience members to social media, Prince Harry thanks them all for their support and opened up about the important role that the family members play in supporting service members. He could be heard saying to the audience in one video, "You all serve, whether you’re the ones who wear the uniform, or whether you’re the spouse, or whether you’re the child who gets moved around the country."

Prince Harry surprises audience members attending a pre-screening of Heart of Invictus

And clearly Prince Harry made an impression on the audience, as there seemed to be plenty of applause for the prince. Not only that, but the posts on social media called him gracious and kind, with an author and her friend who were in the crowd sharing a selfie with the prince to social media.

It is clear that Heart of Invictus is a true passion project for Prince Harry, and the love that he has for the Invictus Games comes through. From this moment at the theater to the work he has done to promote the project, the prince is truly doing what he can to shine a spotlight on service members, their families, and the veterans who participate in these games.

For anyone who wants to watch Heart of Invictus, the entire docuseries is currently streaming on Netflix.

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