Prince Harry gets support from his uncle, Charles Spencer

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While Prince Harry is in court, facing off against the media for allegedly hacking his phone, his uncle Charles Spencer, is taking the time to offer his support on social media. In a series of tweets posted over the two days of the prince’s testimony, Spencer has taken the time to call out journalists over their headlines and stories, while also responding to people looking for evidence of the hacking.

For those unfamiliar with Charles Spencer, he is the late Princess Diana’s brother. And he has made it quite clear that he is going to support his nephew. Which is something he is definitely doing with his social media presence during his nephew’s current court case.

According to People Magazine, in one tweet, Spencer called a reporter “pathetic” and even said they had “no shame” over a report that suggested that Prince Harry might still be obsessed with his former partner, Chelsy Davy. He also pointed out that this was the same reporter, who was apparently “guilty of libeling” Spencer himself.

Charles Spencer is offering his support for Prince Harry with the help of social media

In another show of support for his nephew, Charles Spencer also re-tweeted posts from Alastair Campbell. Campbell is a strategist and writer (and a former advisor for Tony Blair when he was the PM), who pointed out that Prince Harry was making good points in the case when it comes to “the damage done to trust in your own circle when stories appear” in the media. The fact that you do not know where these stories are popping up from is both devastating and damaging.

Although Spencer did not add anything to the discussion here, it is clear that by retweeting these posts from Campbell, he is doing his part to show his support for his nephew. And it certainly seems as if he is in agreement with what the writer pointed out. It is hard not to agree with this series of posts as it’s true that when something is being shared in confidence, having it appear in the media is a clear way of losing trust in your circle.

While we don’t know if Charles Spencer has reached out to Prince Harry privately, we do love seeing him speaking up for his nephew on social media. Having him call out people who are sharing stories that are salacious, or even inaccurate is something that we would hope to see from a family member.

Honestly, we can’t help but think that Princess Diana would be very happy to see her brother showing his support for Prince Harry. While we do not know how this case will turn out, we can appreciate the fact that Charles Spencer is using his platform to speak out in defense of his nephew

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