Pop artist Sharl releases her sophomore effort Clichés

Newcomer Sharl has released her second album Clichés, a K-pop influenced look at love and life in all its various forms, from deep to fleeting.
London-based pop artist Sharl. Image courtesy LPR AGENCY
London-based pop artist Sharl. Image courtesy LPR AGENCY /

Released in August of last year, City Lights let the world of music know that a new and bold voice had arrived on the scene. Sharl, born in Australia and now living in London, is a classically trained musician who fused K-pop and her own unique sound into something new and daring. 

City Lights proved to be a hit and the wait began for her sophomore effort, which would further show her evolution into an artist that had a distinct sound. Thankfully the wait proved brief as her new album Clichés arrived earlier this month. 

Clichés includes 10 tracks that look at love in all its forms, from deep and life changing to fleeting and flirty. It further fuses her classic pop sound with a K-pop influence as well as a EDM vibe that is hard to dislike and even harder to stop listening to. 

Clichés, the new album by Sharl, is now available to listen to on Spotify.

The album opens with “More than Friends” which looks at when a friend may be turning into something more and the choice of taking it to another level. “Fallen” takes a different approach with a more hard rock sound as it explores falling for someone both physically and emotionally. The title track “Clichés” takes on that feeling of anticipation as you know something is going to happen with that person you've been interested in from afar. 

Sharl talked about what Clichés meant to her as an album and how it looks at love and its constant presence in everyone's life. 

"“It’s an exploration of the meaning of love: that it can take many forms, which might be seen as clichés, but who are we to judge which aspect of love is better or more meaningful? I wrote the songs reflecting on experiences of love, as ultimately I see love as the universal human truth and experience that endures through the difficulties that life and the world throws at us.”"


The music world has been quick to take notice of Sharl and how she manages to make listeners feel like they are intimate part of her music, not just an observer. It is a rare feat that few musicians can pull off successfully and one that is sure to help her be found by more and more people who love honest music.

You can follow Sharl on all the various social media platforms and Clichés is now available to stream on Spotify or wherever you get your music. 

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