Plans have begun for King Charles birthday in November

The Prince Of Wales Visits Durham
The Prince Of Wales Visits Durham / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

On November 14, King Charles is set to turn 75 and plans have already begun for how the palace will be celebrating his birthday. And it sounds like there are at least two events that have already been planned.

According to People Magazine, both celebrations feature tea and dance, with live music and plenty of opportunity for people to chat with each other as well. Although there is one thing that might be missing from these celebrations - the king himself.

While both events are planned as a way to celebrate King Charles turning 75, it seems as if he may not attend either of them. At this point, everything is still in the planning stages, so there is time for an appearance to be scheduled, but for now, we at least have an idea of how they will be celebrating the king.

Planning has begun for celebrations revolving around King Charles turning 75 in November

As part of the birthday celebrations, "The Prince's Foundation has announced it will mark the milestone for fellow members of his generation turning 75 this year with celebratory events at Highgrove Gardens in Gloucestershire, England and Dumfries House in Cumnock, Scotland." Although the king's birthday falls on Nov. 14, the festivities themselves will take place the day before, on Nov. 13.

Considering these two events will be happening on the same day, it does make sense that King Charles would not be able to attend both "tea dances," however, we do hope he is able to celebrate his birthday with the people.

Of course, we expect there to be more celebrations and events surrounding the king's birthday so there is always a chance that he will attend one of those instead.

Are you surprised by the fact that plans are already underway for birthday celebrations for King Charles? Do you think he will attend any of the events planned?

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