Oppenheimer dominates 96th Oscars

Christopher Nolan's biopic takes home seven Academy Awards

Oscars 2024
Oscars 2024 /

The movie awards season came to an end Sunday in Hollywood as the 96th Oscars was held. It was a great evening celebrating the best of films from 2023. It saw Oppenheimer, helmed by Christopher Nolan dominate the evening.

Oppenheimer wins Best Picture

In total, Oppenheimer turned its 13 nominations into seven Oscars. The film won for Cinematography, Score and Editing. It also took home four of the bigger awards, including two acting awards. Robert Downey, Jr., won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, while Irish actor Cillian Murphy won for Best Actor.

But it was a big night for Nolan. He served as writer, director and producer for the film, along with his wife Emma Thomas. Nolan earned his first Academy Award when he claimed the Best Director trophy. Just a few moments later, he was back on the stage as the film claimed the top prize, Best Picture.

The film, which opened in July 2023, focuses on scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his work creating the Nuclear Bomb. Those who want to check it out can stream the film now on Peacock. It’s also available for purchase on VOD.

Poor Things grabs four Oscars

Another interesting film, Poor Things from director Yorgos Lanthimos, claimed four Academy Awards. It was one of only three films to win multiple awards on Sunday night. The film, which was remarkable for its creative world-building, claimed three Oscars for its look. The film won for Hairstyle and Makeup, Production Design, and Costume Design.

The biggest award for Poor Things came near the end of the night, when Emma Stone earned the Oscar for Best Lead Actress.

Poor Things tells the story of Bella Baxter, a young woman who is brought back to life scientist Godwin Baxter. She then has to find herself and learn how to be independent. It’s a creative, strange, and often funny film. It is now available to stream on Hulu and is available on VOD.

United Kingdom entry wins International Feature

The only other film to win multiple Oscars was The Zone of Interest, the United Kingdom entry in the International Feature competition. The film, from Jonathan Glazer, focuses on the family of the Commandant of Auschwitz as they are stationed there during the height of World War II. The film won the Best International Feature and also took home the Oscar for Best Sound.

The Zone of Interest is now available for purchase on VOD.

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