Millie Bobby Brown is now a published author

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If you are anything like us, then you probably recognize Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things on Netflix. Of course, you might also recognize her from Enola Holmes as well.

However, the actress now has another title under her belt (quite literally if you will). Now Brown can also add published author to her resume.

According to Elle Magazine, Millie Bobby Brown has published a historical romance called Nineteen Steps. The book released on September 12 and is available in hardcover, paperback, audio book, and of course, in ebook. And we have to say that we are extremely intrigued by this book and the story that inspired it.

Millie Bobby Brown has published her first book, Nineteen Steps

So what do we know about the book? Well apparently it is set during World War II in London and while it is a fictional story, it was inspired by her own grandmother's life!

In a description of the book, we learned that it "follows an 18-year-old young woman named Nellie who works as a secretary and eventually falls in love with a U.S. Air Force pilot." Considering the setting, it definitely sounds like it will actually be very captivating.

Millie Bobby Brown has said that this book was deeply personal for her and that makes sense since it was inspired by her grandmother. And for her, this book is a way to keep her Nanny Ruth's story alive in a very special way.

While it may be a relatively new release at the time of writing, it already has over 50 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. And we love that for Brown.

We can't wait to read this one for ourselves. And we hope this is not the only novel that the actress releases.

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