Looking for a menu for those TV night munchies?

Science-backed food recommendations for what you're watching this weekend
Milka chocolates are seen on a shop shelve. The chocolate...
Milka chocolates are seen on a shop shelve. The chocolate... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

There is no doubt that the days ahead in television are highly-anticipated. HBO's House of the Dragon returns for its second season, while those who might enjoy a bit of fantasy over war will be tuning in to Part 2 of Bridgerton, Season 3 on Netflix And if you need a return to the real world, there is a Brats documentary arriving. Some people pop corn when Lady Whistledown gets fresh fodder or are too busy biting their nails at the latest assassination of a Targaryen enemy to eat, but for those of us looking for food recommendations, there is science to the rescue.

According to a press e-mail we received, Danone North America has researched what tickles the tastebuds of the average viewer in three genres and the results are interesting.

"[They] learned that 98% of people tend to snack while they watch TV, and that there is a preferred genre of snack for each genre of TV."

Danone North America

If you are looking forward to more high fashion and hearts a-flutter, you will be among the 57% of romantic comedy fans who prefer sweet foods. Danone brand Light+Fit recommends the Brownie Sundae from its new REMIX line. Love is sweet, but so is the right yogurt.

House of the Dragon is light on comedy and is more of a thriller than a simple fantasy. The study found that an impressive "73% of thriler watchers grab something salty/savory.." Perhaps the memory of last season's troubles with the Lord of the Tides is what will cause viewers to come with a salt craving, but the Oikos brand has them covered. Try the Salted Caramel for the return to the Red Keep.

Finally, we come to the documentary-watchers, who seem to be more level-headed. While watching the Brats documentary, viewers of docuseries will want something healthy. For them, Too Good & Co, have Banana Dark Chocolate Honey. The science in the study says that this will likely appeal to 39% of the audience.

We hope that the new streaming content is as satisfying to fans as the food they bring to their watch parties. What will you be snacking on?

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