Is there a Monopoly game with a Beatles theme?

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When it comes to pop culture memorabilia, there are some things we immediately think of, including Funko Pop! figures, but what about board games? Do you ever wonder if some of your favorite fandoms (whether we are talking movies, TV shows, or even music) have board games dedicated to them? One board game that has been doing its part to represent different fandoms in a unique way is Monopoly.

Not only have there been Monopoly games for shows such as The Simpsons or Supernatural, but even things like Squishmallows have gotten their own game. But what about one of the most iconic musical groups of the last 100 years? That's right, I am talking about The Beatles.

As a fan of The Beatles and their music, I couldn't resist looking into what kind of merchandise was on the market right now to celebrate their work. And in particular, I had to know if there was a Monopoly game featuring the group and their music. If you didn't already know, there actually is a Beatles Monopoly game!

Did you know there is a Monopoly: The Beatles board game?

91riP31PgRL._AC_SL1500_.jpg / Monopoly: The Beatles. Image courtesy USAOPOLY Store

Monopoly: The Beatles takes a classic Monopoly game and adds a musical twist! In this case, the $44.99 game (available on Amazon) allows you to play as Rocky Racoon, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and four other tokens that represent iconic songs from the groups discography.

And you're not buying and selling land, but rather albums! Honestly, it's more than just albums, it is an entire experience of Beatlemania. If you are a hardcore fan of The Beatles, then you need this in your life. Not only is it a great way to celebrate your love of the group, but you can never go wrong with an elevated game night.

I am a big fan of collecting Monopoly games and this is a must have for my own collection. I can't wait to get my hands on Abbey Road Studios and Rooftop Concert (the blue properties we all fight over) or maybe I will be all over the green properties of Let It Be, Hey Jude, and Abbey Road! If I am really lucky, I will sweep that entire side of the board and be the ultimate winner of Monopoly: The Beatles.

What do you say fellow Beatles fans? Did you know about this Monopoly game? Will you be adding this to your collection?

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