Ice Cube comments on Meghan Markle being described as "Straight Outta Compton" years after headline

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It's been a few years since Meghan Markle made headlines as Prince Harry's "girl" who was "Straight Outta Compton." Considering this headline was a play off of an Ice Cube album title of the same name from 1990, you might not be surprised to hear the rapper has some thoughts on those headlines.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is the fact that Ice Cube is actually addressing those headlines in August of 2023, without actually really knowing Duchess Meghan. That being said, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, during a chat with Good Morning Britain, the rapper had some thoughts on the controversy.

Apparently Ice Cube believes that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry would have been better off if they had remained active within the royal family. He feels as if the royal couple should have "stuck it out" in order to make what he believes would have been change from the inside.

Ice Cube comments on old headlines stating that Meghan Markle was "Straight Outta Compton"

According to the rapper, "Some great people come out of Compton, some of them are better than the people who come out of Beverly Hills. It was a very off-coloured joke but I think when you are in the house you can make more changes to the house than when you are outside of the house."

Whether or not Ice Cube is correct about what might have happened if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had continued on as working royals, it doesn't really matter. The couple chose to step back for themselves and their family. They opted to think about what was best for themselves and that's what matters.

While we can totally understand why someone might have asked Ice Cube what he thought of his album title being used in relation to Meghan Markle when those headlines first dropped, it doesn't make any sense to ask him about this now. Not only has it been years since the less than pleasant headlines broke, but at this point you would think people would have found something new to talk about in an interview in August of 2023.

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