'Hundreds of Beavers' coming to the U.K. this month

Creative new film set to open on July 9
Hundreds of Beavers - Courtesy Justin Cook PR
Hundreds of Beavers - Courtesy Justin Cook PR /

In this big era of content, we’re always looking for something that seems fresh and original. That’s what viewers in the U.K. are getting next week as the new film Hundreds of Beavers is set to open on July 9.

The film comes from director Mike Cheslik, who co-wrote the film with star Ryland Brickson Cole Tews. It’s safe to say that in addition to a memorable title, it’s completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The film focuses on an Applejack salesman (Tews) in the 19th Century who runs through some tough times. An accident leads to him losing his livelihood during the midst of a brutal winter in the unsettled north. Alone and down on his luck, he stumbles on a trading post and sees the potential. Not only does it have supplies, but the Trader’s Daughter (Olivia Graves) catches his eye. He’d like to marry her, but first he has to prove himself to her father (Doug Mancheski) by becoming perhaps the most prolific fur trapper the region has ever known.

And to do that, he has to match wits with some clever beavers—hundreds of clever beavers. It’s fair to say hijinks ensue.

This is a completely hysterical and unique approach to the material. The film is a throwback to the silent era, shaped in the style of silent films with virtually no spoken dialogue. It’s also in black-and-white and takes a completely surreal and slapstick approach.

The film feels like a modern fusion between a Buster Keaton film and something out of the Looney Tunes. The beavers, and other non-human characters, are played by actors wearing costumes. It adds to the fun and wacky aesthetic.

In an era where we see a lot of franchises and a lot of films that look and feel the same, this is one that stands out. The story is silly fun, the performances are solid, and the mood created by the style will make you laugh.

For those looking for something that’s off-beat and a lot of fun, seek out Hundreds of Beavers. You can find tickets, or watch streaming at home by visiting the film’s official site here.

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