How tall is David Tennant?

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Have you ever looked at an actor and just known that they had to be tall? With every role that David Tennant has stepped into, it always seems like he is one of the taller people in the room.

In what might just have been his iconic role as the Doctor on Doctor Who, we got to see him traveling through space and time. This meant that we got to see him standing side by side with so many people. Often times, it seemed like he stood tall next to not only his companions, but also many of the individuals that he met along the way.

And considering Ncuti Gatwa, who is stepping into the role of the Doctor for the 15th season of Doctor Who, is 5'8", we wanted to know just how tall the 10th Doctor actually was.

How tall was the 10th Doctor, David Tennant?

David Tennant
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According to CNET, Tennant comes in at 6'1" (or 185 cm) tall. In terms of other actors who have stepped into the role of the Doctor, that makes him the fourth tallest Doctor behind the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson (who is actually the same height), the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee (he was 6'2.5"), and the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker (he was 6'3").

It is always interesting to see how tall an actor really is, especially when they have a commanding presence on our screens. In the case of David Tennant, it is clear that he not only has a charisma that makes him shine on our screens, he also has the height too. (Sometimes we are surprised by an actor's height because of how they command our attention, in this case it makes perfect sense.)

For some reason, it just makes sense that the 10th Doctor, who so many love, is in fact over six feet tall. But we want to know what you think. Are you surprised that he is technically the fourth tallest Doctor? Did you think he was taller or shorter?

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