How does Princess Eugenie like her tea?

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When it comes to hot drinks, there is one that we automatically think of when we are thinking about the British. And yes, that just happens to be tea. Everyone drinks their tea differently, and this includes members of the royal family, including Princess Eugenie.

While it may come as no surprise that Princess Eugenie drinks Earl Grey tea, how she takes her tea might.

According to US Weekly, the princess really opened up about food and drinks during an appearance on the Table Manners podcast. And in particular, she shared how she takes her Earl Grey tea, which she called "not that princess."

But what does "not that princess" mean when it comes to tea? Well according to Princess Eugenie, she only leaves the tea bag in for a few moments. And apparently, this is something that she picked up from her mother, Duchess Sarah Ferguson.

Princess Eugenie doesn't leave her Earl Grey tea bag in for long

As she explained, this is something she saw her mom do over the years and picked it up along the way as her method for making a cup of tea for herself. And now she can't drink her tea any other way, as she simply doesn't like the taste of tea that is made differently.

Considering she gave up drinking coffee because she had "heard that the three things that make you unhealthy is coffee, sugar and alcohol," it makes sense that at the very least she would stick with her tea drinking ways.

Of course, she didn't add anymore details to how she drinks her tea, so we don't know if milk or sugar ever end up in the cup, but at least we know that she is not drinking a strong cup of tea every day.

Honestly, it is always fascinating to learn how people enjoy their tea or coffee. And we are always curious to learn about how members of the royal family enjoy these things, because it really does give us a more intimate look into who they are as people.

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