How does Leona Lewis make her cup of tea?

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When you think of Leona Lewis, what comes to mind? Do you think of her music, her acting, or even her modeling? I know we do, although 'Bleeding Love' lives rent free in my head so it is definitely her music that has our heart. But we also think about the fact that as a British person, she probably drinks tea.

And if you are anything like us, then you might be curious about how she drinks her tea or at the very least the way she makes her perfect cup of tea. Because honestly, there is something very satisfying about learning how a person likes their tea (or coffee, if they are a coffee drinker).

While speaking to Buzzfeed UK on the red carpet for the premiere of Argylle back in February 2024, Lewis was asked about how she takes her tea. In the short that was shared to YouTube, we get to hear her break down making what would be her perfect cup. And she starts out by immediately letting people know that she likes her "tea quite strong."

To explain the way she makes her tea, Leona Lewis shared that she starts with the tea bag in the cup and then adds in the hot water before allowing it to "steep for a little while." After it has steeped for a while (although we aren't sure exactly how long this is because she did mention towards the end of the chat that she "can't be bothered to wait like 5 minutes for it"), she then adds a "little bit of milk" and allows it to keep steeping for even longer.

All of that sounds pretty typical right? Well then she said that she "crushes it [the tea bag] on the side with the spoon." Now we don't often see that as a step in people's tea making process, although we have absolutely done it ourselves. But I can imagine that this adds to the strong tea taste for Lewis, without her having to sit around and wait for her drink to be ready.

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Once she does the tea bag crushing with the spoon, she adds a little more milk. And if you were wondering about which milk she uses in her tea, she admitted that she is opting for either oat milk or almond milk. Finally, she adds one brown sugar to her tea to finish it off.

Now overall, this sounds like a pretty typical cup of tea. Perhaps the most interesting aspects of her tea making process is the crushing of the tea bag and the choice to use the alternative milks. We may need to give Leona Lewis' perfect cup of tea a try for ourselves.

What do you think fellow tea lovers? Does any of this surprise you?

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