Has Netflix canceled Prince Harry's Heart of Invictus series?

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After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a five-year, $100 million contract with Netflix in 2020, the royal couple announced in 2021 that their project was the docuseries Heart of Invictus. The series was said to follow a group of competitors who joined the multi-sport for injured and sick servicemen and women known as the Invictus Games. But three years have passed, and the show is yet to hit our screens, fueling the rumors that the streaming giant has already canceled the production.

The royal gossip and entertainment Twitter account MeghansMole tweeted on June 3 that Netflix had canceled the release of Heart of Invictus. The reason? Allegedly, Meghan.

“Netflix has canceled Heart of Invictus,” it read.

“You can thank Meghan Markle, her outrageous demands & turning it into the 'Meghan Fashion show', instead of it being focused on the veterans. The amount of money that was expensed on Meghan could have been used for the veterans.”

As evidence to the claim, the user made another tweet and asserted, “Someone close to my cousin works at Netflix.”

The spread of Heart of Invictus cancellation rumors

After MeghansMole’s post, several other Twitter users followed suit and made the same claim, further spreading the cancellation rumors.

“So, Netflix canceled Heart of Invictus. Wasn't that Harry's big contribution to their Netflix deal?” user Mystifeye wrote.

“I guess Netflix is done with the Harkles altogether. Not shocking that mockuseries they did was a snooze fest! Seriously the music alone was obnoxious! Guess they better get on the stick with those Rom-Coms😂🤣😆🤣😂 #HarryAndMeghanAreFinished.”

Known royal commentator Angela Levin also chimed in and asked, “Has Netflix canceled Harry's Invictus Games documentary? Hhhmmm.”

Will Heart of Invictus Still Happen?

Netflix officially announced in January 2023 that the release of Heart of Invictus would be this summer.

HEART OF INVICTUS (Summer 2023),” it tweeted.

“This new series from Archewell Productions follows a group of extraordinary competitors from around the globe – all service members who have suffered life-changing injuries or illnesses – on their road to competing at the Invictus Games.”

The platform’s rep also told Newsweek that the information shared was still “correct” and “accurate.”

Hence, unless Netflix makes an official announcement that the show is canceled, it’s still happening. Although, at this time we do not see anything on Netflix in terms of Heart of Invictus being on the schedule. And we did check upcoming programming scheduled through September.

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