Harry Styles drops music video for "Daylight"

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It's a Harry Styles world and we are just living in it. On July 19, the singer dropped his latest music video and we could not be more obsessed if we tried.

The "Daylight" music video is a fun, colorful romp through a circus setting that sees Styles in a variety of costumes and doing any number of interesting stunts that you might see under the big top. It's like The Greatest Showman meets fantasy and done in a way that we had to watch on repeat.

We love the fact that the video showcases everything from a tight rope walk to Harry Styles riding a horse. Every second he is on the screen, our eyes are following him to see what he will do next and how his facial expressions change based on whatever is happening in that given moment. Basically, this video is everything we want in a music video and more.

Obviously, we aren't just here for the visuals, as we love the beauty of the "Daylight" lyrics as well. There is something beautiful about the single off the Harry's House album, and it absolutely has the vibe of being the song of the summer.

Harry Styles releases the music video for the single "Daylight"

Honestly, this music video is enough to have us heading to Spotify to listen to Harry's House all over again. And while we know that is the point, we can't help but think this video is also reminding us of just how great this particular single is as well.

Of course, getting this music video has us wanting a whole new album as well, so I think Styles has just whet our appetite for more. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

What do you think of the "Daylight" music video? Are you as enamored with it as we are? Does it make you want to listen to Harry's House all over again?

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