Former royal chef reveals what is typically on the Easter menu for the royal family

Official Picture Released Of King Charles III, Queen Consort And The Prince And Princess Of Wales
Official Picture Released Of King Charles III, Queen Consort And The Prince And Princess Of Wales / Chris Jackson/GettyImages

When it comes to the royal family, there is a lot of curiosity around everything they do. In 2024, we have definitely seen the interest in every aspect of the royal family increase in part due to the medical issues facing both Princess Catherine and King Charles III.

However, if you are a royal fan, then you are probably just as invested in learning about more mundane aspects of being a royal. And this includes how they celebrate holidays, how they take their tea, and even some of their favorite meals. Just in time for Easter 2024, a former royal chef is pulling back the curtain and giving us an idea of what a typical Easter menu looks like when it comes to the royal family.

As Hello Magazine reports, Chef Darren McGrady has revealed that in keeping with tradition, the royal family actually enjoys a roasted lamb for their holiday lunch. The roasted lamb would be served with more traditional vegetables.

What does the royal family eat for Easter?

According to McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II was partial to meat that was well done, which meant that she was given first choice of the roasted lamb so that she could pick out the pieces that she preferred.

So what else does the royal family enjoy with their lamb roast? Chef McGrady explained that they would also enjoy, "a compound salad served in a kidney dish attached to the plate – just some lettuce and cucumber with a little mint or some grated carrot and coriander."

Following the roast lamb course, the family would then get a course of fruits and cheese, with one cheese in particular getting some love. And that cheese is none other than Windsor Cheese. When it came to the fruits, one fruit really got everyone excited, and that was the "sweet white Windsor peaches." Of course, as with any fruits, it is all about making sure they are going for the in season options.

Finally, it was well known that the late queen was also a big fan of chocolate, which meant that there would be chocolate on the menu as well. And that might include chocolate eggs for the children to enjoy.

One thing we should note about this menu is that this is what is or was served for Easter lunch, and King Charles III is known for not being a lunch eater. So even with a decadent menu like this, there is no guarantee that the king would enjoy these delicious dishes.

What do you think of the royal family's Easter menu?

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