Elton John confirms that he really is done with touring

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If you were hoping that Elton John might come out of retirement and tour again, we have some bad news. The singer has confirmed that he really is done with touring for good.

According to US Weekly, in an interview on June 27, Elton John was asked whether or not he would ever decide to go back out on tour. The singer was firm in his answer, which was a resounding "no."

John's husband, David Furnish, was with the singer during the interview, and he immediately chimed in with a reason behind the decision. And it all makes perfect sense to us. It turns out that Elton John and his husband are trying to focus on their two sons, Zachary and Elijah. Considering the oldest is 13-years-old and the youngest is 11, this is an important time in their lives and it makes sense that neither man would want to miss it. In fact, this was actually what Furnish pointed to in explaining why his husband was done with touring.

"We’ve got our sons, you know, they’re getting into their teenage years now. We don’t want to miss anything. We want to be present for that. It’s sort of a key decade, I think, in a child’s life. He’s been doing it for 60 years, so it’s nice to have that time to spend at home with family."

David Furnish

Elton John confirms that he has retired from touring, with no plans to return

Of course, Elton John also pointed to his final world tour as being one that he is satisfied with and that it was the right way to end things for him. He said that after his final show he knew that this was how he wanted to go out and there was simply no going back after that.

However, while John may be done with touring, that doesn't necessarily mean that he is done performing entirely. In fact, he has teased that he will potentially do one-off appearances in the future. But for now it is all about his family. He wants to be present for them and that means not worrying about any potential future performances.

Honestly, it makes perfect sense that Elton John is hoping to spend time with his family at home. And we want that for him. After more than 50 years of touring and performing, he deserves this time with the ones he loves. And while we may miss seeing him out on the road, he has children that need him.

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