Duchess Sophie making pizza during work outing is the wholesome content we love

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When it comes to the royal family, it seems like they are always on the go. For Duchess Sophie, it seems like she has been extremely busy as of late, with any number of appearances and working engagements.

And on July 19, the Duchess of Edinburgh gave us all the type of wholesome content we love to see from members of the royal family. In part, it was all thanks to pizza.

According to a tweet that was shared by the Royal Family Twitter account, we know that Duchess Sophie paid a visit to the Driffield Show in Yorkshire. During that visit she not only presented prizes for the livestock, but she even took part in pizza making with children.

Duchess Sophie makes pizza at the Driffield Show in Yorkshire

Since we wanted to know more about her pizza making skills, we did some searching and learned from HELLO! that, "the Duchess, who volunteered at a London kitchen during lockdown, expertly rolled out the dough onto the flour-covered table and helped the youngsters with their tomato and cheese toppings."

On social media, fans of the Duchess of Edinburgh chimed in saying that it looked like she had a lot of fun making the pizza and interacting with the people at the show. And of course, there were people pointing out how important it is for people to support the agricultural work that the Driffield Show was spotlighting. In many cases, the comments were highly supportive of the work that Duchess Sophie is doing to shine a light on agriculture, and her time at the show as well.

We can't help but appreciate the fact that the duchess clearly enjoyed her time in Yorkshire and interacting with the children there. Plus, there is something very down to earth and endearing about Duchess Sophie getting her hands dirty (even if she did wear gloves), in order to be a part of something fun.

Are you a fan of the Duchess of Edinburgh? Do you enjoy seeing what she is up to as she represents the royal family?

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