Duchess Meghan accused of breaking royal protocol during hospital visit where she was reading to children

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In late March 2024, Duchess Meghan visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. While there, she not only read to the children, but she also took pictures with the children and even signed autographs.

According to some media outlets, it seems that during this visit, Duchess Meghan may have broken royal protocol. The problem with royal protocol is that it changes depending on who is the reigning monarch at the time. That is not to say that there are not some rules that the royal family doesn’t have to abide by, however, some of the alleged royal protocols are just things that the late Queen Elizabeth II followed for herself. And while the rest of her family may have followed those guidelines, that does not mean that those unwritten rules still stand.

In fact, we have actually seen Princess Catherine doing things a bit differently in her own wardrobe since the queen’s passing (that were once considered royal protocols). And these are things that she may not have done when the queen was alive because of supposed royal protocol.

At the same time, we must also point out that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry stepped back from being working royals. This means that they are not actually representing the royal family when they do things in public. Instead, they are representing themselves. And when they are doing charitable work, that is in support of other people and not as representatives for the royal family.

Can we really hold Duchess Meghan to royal protocol when she is not a working royal?

So how can Duchess Meghan, who is no longer a working royal, be accused of breaking protocol? She is not representing the royal family. She is not acting on their behalf in any way. And at the end of the day, royal protocol is an arbitrary set of standards that are not hard and fast rules or laws. Instead, they are considered guidelines for royalty. And no matter what you have to say about Duchess Meghan, she and her husband have stepped back from royal duty.

Plus, we have to point out that the protocol that she is said to have broken is not to give an autograph. And obviously she did give autographs to these children. But it wouldn’t matter if she did, or did not because before she became a member of the royal family, she was an actress. She had to have given her autograph a few times at least. If you think about it, her autograph is already out there. There is no un-ringing that bell. So who really cares if she signs a few things for sick children? Honestly, the only people who really seem to care are the members of the UK media who want to tear her down.

Duchess Meghan did a beautiful thing and instead of people celebrating her charitable work, and the joy that she brought to these children, they are finding ways to make her look bad. But perhaps what they are doing instead, is proving that they do not want to see her succeed. However, I don’t think that the negativity will win this time. And that’s what we love to see.

I just hope that we get to see more of the Duchess in action. We want to see more of her charitable work and her efforts to raise awareness for things she is passionate about. Of course, we also can’t wait for her lifestyle brand to really get off the ground. So here’s to breaking more royal protocol.

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