Do you know Duchess Meghan’s first name?

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When it comes to recognizable individuals, members of the royal family are definitely on that list. And, actors and actresses are also very recognizable. For Duchess Meghan, there are any number of reasons why she is well known, whether from her acting career or her marriage into the British royal family.

But did you know that Meghan is actually not her first name? During her acting career, she was known as Meghan Markle. And after joining the royal family, by way of marriage to Prince Harry, she became known as the Duchess of Sussex, with many of us referring to her as Duchess Meghan.

However, Meghan is actually her middle name (and yes Markle is her real last name and not just a stage name).

What is Duchess Meghan’s real first name?

According to The Mirror, much like her character on Suits, the duchess’s first name is actually Rachel. Apparently, during an interview on The Rachel Ray Show, the former Suits actress revealed that her parents actually named her Rachel Meghan Markle, however they have always called her by her middle name of Meghan.

Unfortunately, the duchess was cut off in the middle of explaining the truth of her name, so we never learned more about why her parents opted not to use her first name. But it seems as if the duchess chose to stick with what her parents called her as a child and opted to continue going by the name Meghan Markle while working and later in life as well.

We would love to know how Rachel Meghan Markle became known as Meghan instead of Rachel, but she isn’t alone in having a different first name from what we know her as. After all, Prince Harry’s first name is actually Henry.

Did you know that Duchess Meghan’s first name was Rachel?

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