Did you know that there were Funko Pops for the Wonka movie?

Wonka, Warner Bros.
Wonka, Warner Bros. /

In December 2023, fans of Willy Wonka were given a whole new take on the classic story courtesy of the new movie Wonka. As an origin story, this movie musical has definitely captured the imaginations of a whole new generation of viewers.

And what better way to celebrate this magic, than with Funko Pops? Honestly, we love when some of our favorite pop culture moments are given the Funko treatment and this is no exception.

Considering even Crumbl Cookies went all out to celebrate the arrival of Wonka with a special cookie that was released for a single week ahead of the movie's premiere, it makes sense that a brand like Funko is getting in on the fun as well. (Honestly, we would not be mad if Crumbl decided to bring back their Wonka’s Wildly Wonderful Red Velvety Cookie at least once more before the movie leaves theaters.)

Based on the Instagram post that we found on the Funko feed, the brand decided to spotlight three characters from this new Wonka film. Obviously, Timothee Chalamet's Wonka was turned into a Funko Pop. However, the other characters that got the same treatment are Hugh Grant's Oompa-Loompa and Calah Lane's Noodle.

Have you see the new Wonka Funko Pops?

Whether you are a Funko collector or someone who just loves the new Wonka movie, there are so many reasons why these are a cool addition to any collection. Even if all you want is a Wonka POP!, this is a fun collaboration that will remind you of sweet treats and the magic of nostalgia.

We love three characters they chose to turn into POP figures and we might need to snag them for ourselves.

But of course, we want to know what you think of these Funko Pops. Are you a fan of Wonka? Will you be snagging any of these Pops for yourself?

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