Could Princess Diana have prevented the rift between her sons?

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Princess Diana may have foretold the rift between the royal siblings years ago. That’s according to someone very close to the Royal Family, who says the lack of communication between Prince William and Prince Harry over the years was writing on the wall.

The tension between Prince William and Prince Harry has been palpable for quite some time, with their every move publicized at every moment.

Harry and Meghan Markle's departure from their royal duties to move to the US with their son Archie seems to have only escalated matters.

Harry and William’s rocky relationship

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The supposed feud between Harry and William dates back years, and things have seemingly gone from bad to worse over the past few years.

From a video surfacing in December 2018 showing William seemingly ignoring Markle during a family walk in Sandringham to TLC promoting a documentary entitled “Kate Vs Meghan: Princesses at War?”, the brothers have been through the wringer.

However, someone who knew William and Harry from an early age says there was a way that all of the nastiness between them could have been avoided.

Princess Diana’s fateful prediction

Paul Burrell was the former Royal Family butler and recently revealed a startling prediction the late Lady Diana made about her sons.

He says that she would be spinning in her grave if she knew how serious the conflict between Harry and William has become. Burrell referred to Diana as a “peacemaker”, adding that she would have played the role of mediator and made Harry “apologise”.

Speaking to Bella Magazine, Burrell says that the ugliness between the brothers wouldn’t have happened if Diana were around.

“She would have seen this starting, and she would have stopped it,” says Burrell.

Burrell says that Diana did everything to maintain harmony with Charles and her kids when they were all together.

“It broke her heart when that disintegrated. She would have predicted that once that disintegrated, William and Harry would have had problems of their own, and that has come true,” says Burrell.

Whose side are the Spencer's on?

By all accounts, Diana wanted to keep the peace with her family, but it seems that her immediate family, “the Spencers,” have chosen a side in this sibling feud.

Royal expert Tom Quinn recently stated that Diana’s brother Charles, the ninth Earl Spencer, has been a long-time critic of the Royal Family’s treatment of his sister, particularly her ex-husband King Charles. Tom believes there’s “still a lot of bitterness around.”

Earl Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes recently visited the UK to support Harry at his Invictus Games. Quinn says that should tell us much about “where their loyalties lie.”

“Like Harry, the Spencer's still see the Royal Family, to some extent, as the enemy”, Quinn believes.

If we remember years ago, though, Spencer didn’t appear to be on anyone’s side.

At his sister’s funeral, he promised to stand by Harry and Williams, adding that their “blood family” would protect the brothers and also arm them “spiritually and emotionally”.

Perhaps he stated this due to the circumstances and he felt it wasn’t the appropriate time to choose a side.

It’s also possible that his mindset about the brothers has changed since then.

No matter what you believe or whose side you’re on, it is truly saddening how sour things seem between them.

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