Could Princess Catherine file a lawsuit over medical records security breach?

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Recently news broke that there had been a security breach at the hospital where Princess Catherine had an abdominal procedure done. And yes, her medical records were apparently the records that had been compromised.

Now there is a question about whether or not the Princess of Wales can file a lawsuit over the security breach. According to Us Weekly, the answer is actually a yes.

A legal expert spoke to the news outlet about the security breach and while they are not actively involved in this matter, they did share that it is entirely possible that the Princess of Wales could in fact file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. Neama Rahmani, the legal expert in question, explained that, "If she wants to go after the perpetrator to say that her privacy rights were violated, she can absolutely do so."

Will Princess Catherine file a lawsuit over the medical records security breach?

While it seems that it is possible for Princess Catherine to file a lawsuit, the real question is whether or not she actually would. Honestly, considering the amount of attention and scrutiny the royal family has been under lately, in particular Prince William and Princess Catherine, it would make sense that she might not file a lawsuit that would draw even more attention their way.

However, if she did file a lawsuit, it might lend more credibility to her surgical recovery. The fact that the information people were attempting to access had to do with the abdominal surgery that she apparently had in January means that people want answers about where the Princess of Wales has been and how she is doing.

We do not approve of the breach of security in any way, but if the princess can use this to her advantage with a lawsuit, it would makes sense to capitalize on the situation. That being said, the security breach is still under investigation and we do not know whether or not the person who attempted to gain access to the princess' medical records actually did get anything from her file.

There are a lot of things that are still up in the air over this security breach, and it remains to be seen what will happen both on a legal level and on an administrative level at the hospital.

Do you think the Princess of Wales will take legal action over the security breach?

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