Caroline Stanbury calls Ozempic an "incredible tool"

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Since first arriving on our screens as one of the Ladies of London on Bravo, Caroline Stanbury has always been relatively straightforward about things. And she has always been on the slimmer side as well. However, ever since opening up about her journey with IVF, it seems that the Real Housewives of Dubai star had put on some weight that she wanted gone.

Now it seems that Stanbury is the latest housewife to admit that she is or has been using Ozempic to lose the extra weight. According to Reality Tea, the housewife has admitted that it is harder to lose weight now that she is in her mid-40s and that is why she turned to what she is calling the "incredible tool" that is Ozempic.

"After 45, it becomes very, very hard to lose weight – and I’m not lazy. I’m not lying at home doing nothing. I go to the gym, I have a trainer, I walk all the time [and] I’m busy."

Caroline Stanbury

Considering Caroline Stanbury is a businesswoman as well as a reality star, it does make sense that she is busy. And of course, as we get older it can be hard to lose added weight. So it is understandable that she might have struggled with losing the weight from her IVF journey.

Caroline Stanbury explains her decision to use Ozempic to help with losing weight

After apparently seeing a picture of herself in a magazine and realizing that she had gained 18 pounds (which can be a lot on a smaller frame), she decided to do something about her health.

"Why do you need to be miserable if you can get yourself back to where you were? I didn’t want to be different, I didn’t do my face to look like a supermodel. I wanted to be me, but younger."

Caroline Stanbury

The reality star admitted that she only used Ozempic for as long as she needed to, and once she back in her old jeans, she was done. In fact, Stanbury has stated that she is not currently using Ozempic, but that she would if needed. She said she is not struggling to maintain her weight at this point and would really only use it as a tool if she were to regain the weight.

While some might criticize Caroline Stanbury for even using Ozempic, the fact that she only used it for a short period of time in order to take off the weight should be considered before casting judgment. It is clear that she did what she could to lose the weight and nothing was working. Considering she works out a lot, has a trainer, and eats well, it definitely sounds like she did everything she could to not need a weight loss drug before turning to Ozempic.

We aren't surprised that another housewife has admitted to Ozempic use and honestly, we aren't even surprised that the housewife is Caroline. We are usually more surprised by the people who deny it and then get caught.

What do you think fellow housewife fans? Are you surprised by Caroline's Ozempic use? Do you see anything wrong with this?

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