Best of 2023: Welcome to Wrexham

As the year comes to a close, we're looking at some of the best shows and movies of the year. Today, it's about the FX Series Welcome to Wrexham
Rob McElhenney, left, and Ryan Reynolds, right, are the co-chairman of Wrexham FC
Rob McElhenney, left, and Ryan Reynolds, right, are the co-chairman of Wrexham FC /

We’re coming to the end of another year which gives us a moment to stop and reflect on what we’ve seen. This week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shows and movies of 2023 that you can check out as you have free time to end the year.

Selection: Welcome to Wrexham

Where to Find It: Both seasons, a total of 33 episodes so far, can be found streaming on Hulu

What’s it About: This docuseries finished its second season on FX (and Hulu) in 2023. When it comes to football, most American audiences think about big guys in pads playing on Sundays and Mondays. But this series about football finds two American actors—Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney—purchasing a football club in the U.K.

Said club, Wrexham FC, has had a long, proud history. It’s also struggled to get back into the big leagues for a number of years. Rob and Ryan pour money into the club, hoping to see it and the small town that supports it return to glory.

The series follows the toils of the club throughout its season. But more than that, the series captures the players and their families, and the fans and the town that support it. Rob and Ryan make regular appearances, but it’s about more than the stars who bought the team.

Why I Love Welcome to Wrexham

When I first heard about the series, I wasn’t sold. I’m not a soccer fan and I don’t know anything about English leagues or its system. So, I wasn’t sure what to make of a docuseries about these actors buying a team. But a funny thing happened—the series got me invested in its subject. It’s not just about the team, though seeing the games play out is compelling, it’s about the people and the town.

This series is about a celebration of life in Wrexham. Whole episodes are devoted to citizens, causes and sharing the history of the region. And it’s been an amazing journey seeing Rob and Ryan pour into the team and pour into the community.

And, like any good sports story, this is about the underdogs. Sure, they have Hollywood owners financing it, but Wrexham is an underdog squad. The second season in particular is a celebration of that. With episodes running just a half hour, it’s a quick watch and an engaging story.

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