5 Reasons to watch 'Ghosts' (U.K.) if you love the U.S. version

The cast of 'Ghosts' (UK)
The cast of 'Ghosts' (UK) / Joe Maher/GettyImages

Before ghosts wreaked havoc on Sam and Jay Arondekar, they terrorized and irritated Alison and Mike Cooper. Ghosts (U.K.) and Ghosts (U.S.) are similar in plot. They both can make viewers cry and laugh in a second.

However, there's a huge geographical difference between the shows. The U.S. and the U.K. have entirely different history and humor. Still, if you like Ghosts (U.S.), you're bound to enjoy the original U.K. version.

5. The ghosts have complex backstories

As soon as Julian (the MP with no pants) pushes Alison through a window with his special ability, the afterlives of the ghosts of Button House dramatically change. After her fall, Alison can suddenly see and hear them. She quickly learns they're not an allusion.

Once she comes to terms with that and makes a deal with the ghosts, Alison begins to learn their intriguing backstories. Suddenly, Alison has more respect for them, even though they irritate her constantly. The ghosts might lead simple afterlives, but their human lives were anything but ordinary.

4. 'Ghosts' (U.K.) showcases the best British humor

Ghosts (U.S.) is funny, but Ghosts (U.K.) takes humor to the next level. British humor is very different from American humor. The darkest humor comes from Julian. Kitty, Fanny, and Mary are too naive to realize that everything they do is hysterically funny. Meanwhile, Thomas' Regency lingo and his dramatics make him hilarious.

Each ghost has their own humor, but the thing that makes it better is that they're not trying to be. It's just who they are.

3. Comedy quickly follows sadness

While Ghosts is extremely funny, it can also be pretty sad sometimes. The ghosts are dead, after all, and they had to come to terms with that in their own way (even if that means recreating it every night like Fanny). Most didn't deserve to die the way they did, either. However, their afterlives are better now that Alison and Mike have moved in. They might have lost their loved ones when they died, but they have another family now.

2. The ghosts have worked together before on 'Horrible Histories'

Watching Ghosts (U.K.), you immediately get the sense that the actors who play the ghosts have great onscreen chemistry. They're able to play off each other perfectly. That's in part because they've done something similar to Ghosts together before. They starred in Horrible Histories, a children's show, that, like Ghosts, does not leave out the gory details of history.

1. There's never a dull moment at Button House

Whether Ghosts makes viewers laugh or cry, there's never a dull moment at Button House. Even getting ordinary home repairs conjures up some shenanigans. The simplest things aren't simple for the ghosts. When Alison and Mike need them (or don't even know they need them), they're there, helping. When they aren't, they make Alison and Mike's lives a living hell.

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