5 British Comedies to watch on Hulu right now

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Are you a fan of comedy? Do you love finding unique shows to watch from the U.K.? Do you have Hulu? Then we have some suggestions for you of five British Comedies to watch right now.

We love the fact that Hulu has been building their British TV section over the last few years, making it easier for a lot of us to enjoy not only dramas and mysteries, but also the comedies as well. So if you are looking for some humor in your life, check out these British Comedies over on Hulu.

5 British Comedies streaming on Hulu

The Office (U.K.)

If you haven't watched the original version of The Office, from the U.K., and you are a fan of the American show, you really need to start streaming this one. Luckily, Hulu has us covered, and we can spend the summer watching a comedy classic.

Absolutely Fabulous

Looking for a female led series about older women not acting their age? Well, you're in luck, because that is exactly what we get with Absolutely Fabulous. These women are as far from being model citizens as one can get, and some of their antics are questionable, but still there is something about them that leads to plenty of laughs.

Horrible Histories

Technically, Horrible Histories is a children's program about history. However, it is done in a way that is more about the humor than one would expect from an education series. That being said, it really is all about over the top drama and humor to tell history's story to both children and adults. This was a surprisingly fun watch, and one we can't help but recommend.

The Mighty Boosh

If you are a fan of Great British Bake Off, then you are probably familiar with Noel Fielding. And if you are a fan of Noel's then you might be a fan of his comedy series, The Mighty Boosh. The series is basically set in a zoo and follows the antics of the musicians who work for the man behind the zoo. It's an oddball comedy and one that really does bring the humor and laughs.

Mr. Bean

For me, Mr. Bean is an iconic British comedy, and a lot of that has to do with the man behind the titular character, Rowan Atkinson. This series is ridiculous and that's what makes it work. Mr. Bean has an odd way of getting things done and he always seems to be bumbling his way through life. And yet that works for him (and for us).

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